The Star Wars Collecting Database lists over 125,000 pre-identified Star Wars collectibles; many with images to make look-up an easy task.

Information already entered makes cataloging a collection convenient and fast! Find it... tag it... done!

Collectors 'tag' items into their own Collection, Spares, and Wanted lists. Once tagged into their own list, details can be added such as purchase date, price paid, condition, and storage location. Any item can be tagged into a list multiple times to keep track of unique details for each piece -- even multiples and duplicates!



Frequent updates! New and revised data and image files are updated twice a month or more.

Multi-platform. The ability to sync collection lists across Windows and Android platforms eliminates the barrier of technology compatibility.

Detailed reporting gives collectors the ability to view information about their entire collection at a glance. The capability to export raw data fields to .csv files opens up avenues to collectors to store and manipulate collection information in other applications.

International collectors can select their monetary symbol and enter the current exchange rate to see estimated values expressed in their own currency.

By collectors, for collectors. The master database has been supported since 1997. Many of the best features were envisioned by subscribers and added to the database as newer versions evolved. The current application is the result of over 20 years of interactive refinement.




Look up over 125,000 items by Category, Manufacturer, or Detail Search

Add details to tagged items to personalize your own collection lists.

Indepth reports and exportable data files put you in control.



  Look up over 125,000 items by Category, Manufacturer, or Detail Search.

Graphical layout allows for fast and accurate identification of an item from within a group.

Item view brings images up closer and provides information about the item.
Add details to tagged items to create and personalize your own collection lists.

Indepth reports and exportable data files put you in control.



A fully functional trial program for Windows can be downloaded using the link below. The Android app may be purchased from the listing below once you have confirmed your device's security setting is compatible.

An annual subscription is required retain access to the master database and updates. Personal collection lists and linked images remain accessible even if a collector allows their subscription to lapse.

Click the link below to acquire the application for your own platform or devices:

Windows XP through Windows 10; Home and Professional; 32 and 64-bit.

Android database can sync collection files with Windows version.

• Android version is $2.99 annually. Must be paid in advance using PayPal.
• Only follow this link if you are viewing this page using the Android device the database is to be loaded to.
• Android device security must be pre-configured to allow apps to be loaded from 'unknown sources' before attempting to download.




The Star Wars Collecting Database is supported by contributing collectors from around the world.

Whether you choose to become an active part of the growth and development of the master database catalog, or to simply use it to its greatest potential to track and plan your collection, you have a unique opportunity to join a long established community of like-minded collectors. Draw from their knowledge and share your own understanding as you discover entirely new facets to the hobby

Veterans from the vintage years, collectors returning from years-long hiatus' and excited newcomers delving into the hobby make up the pool of people required to keep a database of this size active, accurate, and expanding.

Social media plays a large role in communication. Please remember to like and join our FaceBook page after you register one of the database products. (Click icon at right.)