The Work Is Already Done For You


The Star Wars Collecting Database lists over 100,000 pre-identified Star Wars collectibles; many with images to make look-up an easy task.

Information already entered makes cataloging a collection convenient and fast! Find it... tag it... done!

Collectors 'tag' items into their own Collection, Spares, and Wanted lists. Once tagged into their own list, details can be added such as purchase date, price paid, condition, and storage location. Any item can be tagged into a list multiple times to keep track of unique details for each piece -- even multiples and duplicates!

Collector-Smart Features

Detailed reporting gives collectors the ability to view information about their entire collection at a glance. The capability to export raw data fields to .csv files opens up avenues to collectors to store and manipulate collection information in other applications.

International collectors can select their monetary symbol and enter the current exchange rate to see estimated values expressed in their own currency.